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sea-auberge shitsumi


sea-auberge shitsumi

海のオーベルジュ 志積 について

Located in Uchitomi district of Obama city, Fukui prefecture, where fishing villages are surrounded by mountains and facing the Wakasa Bay on the North coastline of Honshu, the main island of Japan.

It is the place that you will find many aspects of the sea, quiet inlet water or occasional rough sea.

Shitsumi is the tiniest village in Uchitomi district, with rich nature. The sound of the waves echoes gently.

People casually help each other and they live while supporting each other. 
Daily life runs slowly, and so does time. It can be felt because of this place, smile. 
Abundant blessings of nature is felt as seasons change.

Daily life is spent along with the nature. 
Food that could only be taken at this particular place, so could be the scenery and the sound.



concept / history


During 1960's through 70's,

people visited Wakasa Bay Area for beautiful sea bathing and for seafood. Fisherman released their houses as guest houses, Minshuku, and served food with fresh seafood, caught in Wakasa Sea. A family-like relationship between the landlord and the bather was born.

Eventually the sea bathing boom went down in a few decades, and the number of houses that has stopped, increased, one by one. Landlords got old and the culture of guest house, Minshuku which used to be run by every one, is almost disappearing.

Still, the people wish to keep the culture of the fishing village, living with the sea, to be connected to the future.

Sea Auberge Shitsumi wish to create the place where the fishing village and the sea to be connected to the region, together with customers.

about uchitomi


Wakasa Bay with its intricately intricate ria coast continues and the beautiful scenery of the sea and the mountains.

The Uchitomi district fishing village is in the back of the most profound bay.

Following the coastline of Uchitomi, the scenery of the sea and mountains changes from moment to moment. Fisheries are different from village to village.

Oysters, in the inland sea which is calm as a lake, surrounded by peninsulas, Set nets for migratory fish like tuna, yellowtails etc. and octopus on the coast of open Sea of Japan. Fugu (puffer fish), tai (sea bream), saba (mackerel), are farmed in the sound behind the shade of rocks. Natural abalone ,turban shells (sazae) and delicious seaweed grow in rocky coast area. Each Uchitomi fishing village has a variety of fisheries that match the marine circumstances. Fisherman thank to and live on the sea.


Sea Auberge Shitsumi is proud to offer customers with the variety of the excellent marine products and food culture of Uchitomi.




Around the end of autumn, the tide changes and garbage rush from the sea, to the seaside which was beautiful during the summer,

Even if we pick up garbage every day, they cannot  be cleaned up easily.

At the end of the spring, the tide changes and the garbage do not arrive any more.




Some beaches are similarly filled with garbage. Animals and people and the Nature, living on the shore, are suffering from large amount of garbage. Where in the world they came from.


They say there is a few hundred million tons of plastic garbage floating in oceans.


We would be appreciated if you realize these problems and start acting to “I want to change it” from “I don't know”.

beach cleaning


Activities to Reduce Environmental Load, We appreciate to,

・Reduce disposable amenities in guest rooms.

・Select those amenities which is environmentally friendly.

・Save change of sheets and towels for consecutive staying nights.

・Join the Beach Cleaning activity.


We are happy to offer equipments for customers to join the Beach Cleaning activity anytime. Please call us anytime.

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